Why Choose Orangeries as a House Extension Option

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It was the 17th century when the concept of orangeries had been introduced in the building and construction industry. Though, the main goal of building an orangery was to preserve orange trees during the winter months; they have become more accessible for all households in the UK since the 20th century. This is the time when homeowners, as well as the builders, tried to utilise orangeries in Surrey as a house extension option to utilise the space for multiple reasons.

In this recent time, orangeries have become a great way to utilise some extra space in the property in a stylish manner. But why should you choose an orangery over other house extension options? What are the benefits of this style?

List of Benefits of Building Orangeries as a House Extension

Add More Space

The first and foremost reason is orangeries are great to add more space to your house. The primary motto of any type of house extension is to add more space to your home, and the orangery can do it perfectly. You can get a stylish and well-built space which can be used for multiple purposes when you have a perfectly constructed orangery.

Different Purposes of Use

From an extended kitchen to a new living area and from a home gym to a kid’s playroom – the orangery can be used for a range of purposes depending upon your lifestyle and current requirements. The orangery builder needs to add the specific features in that space keeping your needs and purpose in mind.

Variety of Style

The top-class orangery builders in West Sussex can offer you a variety of styles and designs. Be it a contemporary style or a traditional design – you can obtain what you want. It can have a flat roof with lantern glazing as per your desire.

Energy-Efficient Extension

Orangeries in Hampshire are considered as the most reliable option when someone wants to have an energy-efficient house extension. The glass wall and glazed lantern roof allow plenty of natural light inside the room. Modern techniques are used to keep the indoor insulated throughout the year. This makes the space energy-efficient, and you can save on your energy bills.

Improve the Appearance

When it comes to improve the appearance of your house or increase the curb appeal, then you cannot say NO to an orangery. A stylish, smart and well-built orangery can easily increase the overall value of your property. Potential buyers and the property investors would love to invest in a property which has such a bespoke extension.

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