Conservatories Vs Orangeries

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With so many available options in the market, homeowners often get confused about choosing the right style of the house extension. Two most voted house extension options are orangeries and conservatories in Surrey.

Which one would you choose for your property? Which one would be a smarter choice for you to match your budget and lifestyle?

What Are the Differences

Before you know about the best type of house extension, you should be aware of the differences between these two structures.

Both orangeries and conservatories surrey have a combination of glazed and brick areas, both have glass roofs, and both these areas can be used as an extended living room or kitchen area. However, the difference is in the structure of the roof. Conservatories have all-glass roofs, and orangeries have solid roof perimeter with a central glazed area which is known as a lantern.

Both these structures can have brickworks as the side elevation, or you can use glass for the same. It is not the use of brick or glass that makes these two structures different from each other; rather, it is their roof’s structure that makes them different.

Which One is Better

  • Both have their pros and cons. Before you decide any of these structures for your property extension, you should check them carefully.
  • The roof lantern and solid roof perimeter make the orangeries more effectively insulated than the conservatories.
  • Well-insulated orangeries are perfect for using all year round; irrespective of the season.
  • In terms of temperature consistency and comfort, orangeries in Hampshire are more useful than conservatories.
  • Orangeries are considered the more traditional way of a house extension than conservatories which make them more desirable in the property
  • Conservatories offer a better view of the garden and allow more natural lights because of its glazing structure.

It is always advisable to consider your budget, requirements and lifestyle while deciding between conservatories and orangeries surrey. Choose the top contractors who can deliver you the best service as per your requirements. The best contractors always offer the finest products and finish the job within the given deadline.

Outside Interest is one of the most renowned companies that design and build orangeries and conservatories for modern homes. We follow both contemporary and traditional styles.

For more detailed information, kindly get in touch with us.

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