Orangeries & Conservatories
Making inside space a better place
Orangeries & Conservatories
Making inside space a better place
Orangeries & Conservatories
Making inside space a better place
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Splendid Orangeries in Arundel

Outside Interests Conservatories & Orangeries, a well-known name in the field of conservatories and orangeries Arundel.

Have you ever thought about creating an elegant and functional indoor space that connects your home to the beautiful outdoors? Outside Interests Conservatories & Orangeries could be the company that can help make this happen. We have been trading in this industry for over 35 years. We are designers, suppliers and installers of bespoke extensions in and around Arundel. We aim to match the specific requirements of all of our clients. The options are endless as we provide a wide range of designs with innovative glass technology for properties located in Arundel. 

Our expert orangery and conservatory builders have vast knowledge and experience in building and design work, which in turn can help you to find your perfect build that will also match your requirements and taste. When designing your build, we work closely with you to understand each aspect of your style preference and lifestyle. We research the age of the property alongside your needs to produce the dream home extension in Arundel.  All our conservatories, orangeries, and other builds come in a wide range of colours and materials to match your properties architecture. 

Bespoke Orangeries in Arundel

A well-designed orangery can be the definition of splendour – a perfect combination of classic architecture and modern style.  

If you are looking to create a blissful ambience in your home, then an orangery could be worth considering. Imagine sitting with a hot cup of coffee inside your cosy orangery and enjoying your garden scenery any time of day. 

Improve the Value of Your Property with Beautiful Orangeries

Our versatile orangeries in Arundel can not only improve the value of your home but it will also add more functional space, which you can use for various purposes. 

Outside Interests Conservatories & Orangeries can enhance your home in the following ways:

Elements that Make Your Build Unique

We design and develop orangeries and conservatories that are unique to you. We consider factors like glazing details, width and height of the columns, depth of walls for insulation and use of suitable materials (sustainable materials can also be used). We look at adding all these elements to produce a bespoke build that is right for you.  

Our Guarantee

We provide our clients with a comprehensive insurance-backed guarantee on all conservatory and orangery projects. This guarantee covers the products we use and ensures you that each process of the build is protected. Our guarantee also includes payments and deposits.

Build an Orangery or Conservatory to add Multi-Functional Space

From a stylish home office to a kitchen extension or a modern living room to a large dining area – you can create a multi-functional space by adding a conservatory or an orangery to your property. Our experts can design and build this around your specific requirements.

Home Office: Add a bright and spacious home office to support your work-from-home schedule during this pandemic.

Living Room: A spacious living room will add more value to your property where you can spend quality time with your family and friends.

Kitchen Extension: If you are thinking about extending your kitchen, a conservatory or orangery could be the right option for you. They are big enough to use as kitchen space and make cooking even more enjoyable with views of your garden.

Home Gym and Playroom: Why not use the space for self-improvement? Add a home gym or a playroom for your kids; you can use the space as a fun activity area where they can play.

Whatever your requirements may be, the experts at Outside Interests Conservatories & Orangeries can build functional and stylish orangeries and conservatories in Arundel to be used for all purposes.

Join Your Home with Your Garden

A well-constructed orangery can join your interior with your garden in an elegant manner. It can be the bridge that brings your garden a little closer to your interior whilst brightening the space in our home. An orangery can also be exceptionally useful for socialising; whether it be for entertaining friends, holding parties or for family gatherings, you can use an orangery to welcome and offer your guests a comfortable and spacious environment. It is a place where you all can sit inside whilst enjoying the beautiful view of your landscape, open sky and fresh green lawn.

Why Choose Us for Your Orangery or Conservatory Building Project?

For more information related to conservatories or orangeries and other structures, please Call Us to talk to our customer support team and start the process.


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