With over 30 years of experience

Bespoke Orangery in West Sussex

A touch of luxury with the finest craftsmanship

 At Outside Interests, we combine the best of both worlds and bring you a multi-functional room that bears the walls and ceilings of a conventional extension and the light and sky of a conservatory.

You can use it as a  family room, a study, a dining room, a work-out space, and kitchen. While enhancing the overall value of your property by intensifying its kerb appeal.


We create traditional features and state-of-the-art engineering. Every Orangery we create is tastefully designed with an innovative mix of classical and contemporary architectural elements. We use timber, aluminium, and other details to create a balanced blend of colours, tones, textures, and finishes. 

Our design specialists determine the scale and proportion of individual design. This helps them to draft a unique plan customised to your needs for an Orangery for your West Sussex property.

Why Choose Outside Interests?

We are a business founded over 30 years ago and have steadily grown.  We continuously work towards developing and refining our ideas and design strategies. 

Our Plus-Points

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The Key Features of Our Offerings

  1. Bespoke design to suit your requirement

  2. Premium materials to ensure long life.

  3. Variety of design, styles, finishes, sizes, and shapes to choose from.

  4. Well-appointed range of doors and windows.

  5. Thermally efficient with temperature regulation advantage.

  6. High performance with low maintenance.

  7. Expert installation.

So, fulfil your need to create more space, enjoy more light and add value to your property with Outside Interests – Orangeries & Conservatories standing by your side.


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Are you looking for a Orangeries & Conservatories service ?
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