Out of the Box Ideas for Orangeries and Conservatories

orangeries and conservatories

Over the past few years, there’s been a huge surge in interior design content across social media, particularly since the lockdown inspired many people to renovate their homes. Across Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok, we are seeing thousands of people sharing home decor ideas, serving as a source of inspiration and jealousy for maybe. Much of these design ideas are very different from what we may be used to seeing in catalogues and stores. We’ve had a browse and selected a couple of our favourite design ideas for orangeries and conservatories that we think will spruce up your home and improve your happiness.

Biophilic Orangeries and Conservatories

The American psychologist Edward O. Wilson coined the term ‘biophilia’ in 1984, describing it as ‘the urge to affiliate with other forms of life’. Literally, it translates to ‘love of nature’. Essentially, he had noticed the negative impact that urbanisation had on people’s well-being and sought to reverse it by encouraging people to connect with the outside world. By strengthening the bond between yourself and nature, you can improve your well-being, reduce stress and enhance your creativity.

You’re probably wondering how exactly this relates to orangeries and conservatories. It turns out, there’s pretty much no better environment in which to incorporate a biophilic design than one of our structures. After all, they are somewhat naturally biophilic, being in such close proximity to nature, with large glass windows to let in the natural light and heat. As this light streams into your house, you will be exposed to more vitamin D, which many people are deficient in. Studies have shown that a lack of vitamin D can lead to depression, so getting lots of sunlight is extremely important.
Through their naturally warm, light atmosphere, orangeries and conservatories are also the perfect place to grow plants. Conservatories were originally designed to grow tropical fruits due to their ability to trap heat, light and moisture without being affected by the elements. By adding plenty of plants to your conservatory, you will improve the air quality through increased oxygen and add colour to your home. It’s no secret that bright colours can have a huge impact on our moods.

Emotional Escape Rooms

With such a rise in the discussion around self-care and mental wellness over the past few years, it’s no surprise that ’emotional escape rooms’ have become the latest trend in interior design. You can probably guess what these rooms are by their name; they are essentially rooms designed to allow you to escape your emotions in whatever way works best for you. These can hugely vary from person to person. For example, some may wish to create a meditation space, perhaps incorporating soothing colours, a couple of beanbags and some candles or incense. Alternatively, you may need a place to release your anger, in which case you could create a ‘rage room’, perhaps containing things to destroy or a punching bag. Whatever your needs, your emotional escape room can be tailored to suit you and allow you to release your emotions in a healthy way.

Give Your Home the Upgrade It Deserves

There are a million and one other innovative ideas for your orangery or conservatory scattered across the internet; these are just a couple of our favourites. If you’d like to talk to an expert about how you could incorporate a stunning new conservatory or orangery into your home, get in touch with the team at Outside Interests today. We will be more than happy to help you select a design and discuss all your options. A better you could be just around the corner!

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