Why Do I Need a Conservatory?


Traditionally, conservatories were built for gardening purposes, intended to grow tropical fruits back in the 1700s. Their ability to trap heat and moisture whilst protecting plants from rain, wind and snow made them an ideal environment for certain plants to thrive. Nowadays, the possibilities for your conservatory are endless. Outside Interests offers an extensive range of bespoke conservatories equipped with innovative glazing technology and venting systems that keep them comfortable all year round, no matter the weather. We’ve got your back, whatever you have in mind for your conservatory.

If you’re a little unsure as to how best to use the new space, here are a few of our favourite suggestions that we frequently build for our customers:


In some cases, it’s best to strip it back to basics. Why not use your new conservatory for its original purpose? After all, there’s a reason why this use was so widespread back in the day – because it works! Living in Britain means that you can never be sure what the weather will throw at you, and it’s certainly not unusual for plants to struggle due to the unpredictable climate. Conservatories offer a reliable, optimal environment for your plants to flourish, ensuring quicker results.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is highly beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, it negates the need for plastic packaging, making it a much more environmentally-friendly alternative to buying from the supermarket. Your own fruit and veg will likely be much more nutritious than those you buy, as they haven’t lost any nutrients during travel. Lastly, it’s a lot more cost-effective in the long run.

Living / Dining Room Extension

This use is probably the most common one we see here at Outside Interests. A very popular choice among our customers is to extend their living space, bringing in an abundance of natural light and warmth and reducing the overall stuffiness of the house. This will help you save on electricity bills and will help improve your mood through the benefits of extra vitamin D. The extra space opens up plenty of opportunities for guests, parties and gatherings. 

Alternatively, it might be that your kitchen or dining area is feeling a little cramped and humid. Why not open up that space, bringing in natural light and making your dinner guests much more comfortable. Imagine a summer barbecue suddenly interrupted by a rain shower (we’ve all been there.) With a stylish kitchen conservatory, you can still pretend you’re outside enjoying the sun whilst remaining safe and protected from the rain and cold. 


Over the past two years, the world has seen a huge increase in people working from home, no thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has become the new norm in many cases, meaning people need a more permanent workspace set up in their houses. Having an office conservatory allows you to escape the noisiness of the house, enjoy the natural sunlight and get your work done in an environment conducive to productivity. 

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There are countless uses for conservatories we haven’t mentioned here. They are some of the most versatile structures and can significantly impact your house’s style, functionality, and space. From a games room to a kid’s play area, the opportunities are pretty much limitless. Is your interest piqued? Why not get in touch with the expert team at Outside Interests to discuss how a conservatory would best suit your home and needs? We are always more than happy to offer advice, answer questions, and give you a tour around our Barnham showroom, where you can see plenty of the styles we offer. Your new home awaits!

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