Points to Remember while Discussing Your Requirements with Orangery Builder

Requirements with Orangery Builder

Building an orangery is an excellent way of making use of additional space in your home; they are multi-functional and very versatile. However, since the investment can be quite costly, it requires appropriate planning. Discussing the purpose of the space with the professional builder for orangeries in Hampshire will be beneficial to help you decide on the most suitable orangery for your home and to optimise the financial value.

Points to consider before building an orangery for the house 

  1. Intention or objective of the space

Something to consider when you begin thinking about why you would like an orangery is, what are your requirements and what is the purpose of adding this extra space? An extension is another option to add more space to your home. Either choice will add a whole new dimension to your space whilst also adding value.

  1. Ambience and temperature

Regulating the temperature of an orangery can sometimes be difficult. Some homeowners find that during the summer months, the space can get very warm, whereas in the winter it can be extremely cold. We suggest making sure that the builders install appropriate glazed glass windows to retain the room temperature. You could also look at installing warm lighting to create an ambience. Other factors include adequate insulation, design composition, walls and paint etc.

  1. Damp conditions

Any damp issues must be resolved immediately. We advise that you ensure the orangery builder check this before beginning construction. Damp mostly occurs from mould, condensation or insufficient heating or insulation. The process becomes costly and time-consuming. It also hampers functioning in the long run. If you plan to sell your house in the future, addressing damp issues is vital.

  1. Materials

Another consideration to make is deciding on which materials to use. You have an array of choices from hardwood to aluminium and more. Each material has its benefits. When finding a builder of orangeries in Chichester you can discuss this in-depth.  It is all down to your own personal preference. There are also many cost-effective options and easy to maintain materials too.

  1. Positioning

The positioning of the orangery will be determined within the planning. Choose the direction of the doors and windows, the place to install the heating system and more. Decide according to the seasons, with proper air ventilation and access to the outdoors.

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