Questions To Ask Before Building An Orangery

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Since the pandemic, we have certainly got used to the sanctity of our homes. Meaning the importance of our living space has become a priority.

Building an orangery may have been something you have recently considered. Orangeries have a range of benefits and can significantly transform the entire look and feel of a house. You can design an orangery to have a stylish, elegant and luxurious finish; the right builder will achieve this for you.

Within West Sussex, there is a range of professional services to help turn your dream build into a reality. To achieve the best results, we will suggest considering some factors to help.

Questions To Ask Before Building An Orangery

  1. How long has your business been operating?

It is necessary to check their work experience before beginning work. The businesses expertise will confirm the quality of their work. Take a look at previous projects and the number of projects your chosen business has handled.  An orangery is a significant investment.; therefore, we suggest looking at testimonials and examples of the work they have carried out. Initially, this will help reassure that you have chosen the right company and will also build trust going forward with your plans.

  1. Does the company have a registered work license?

To avoid any potential issues, you need to establish that the builders you have chosen have a registered work license. The business for orangeries in Surrey should be registered. Check whether the team you are dealing with is reputable. Conveying and exchanging ideas is essential, and communication is vital when deciding on a project like this. Ensure that the company works according to legal industry guidelines.

  1. Do you have insurance against any accident?

All orangery builders have a legal obligation to possess public liability insurance; you can ask to view their policy certificate. These are claims designed to safeguard the workers from any accident or death while they are at work. It also includes claims for property damage.

  1. Can your builders create an orangery that will enhance the look of my home?

We suggest doing your research into the style of orangeries you like. If your taste is suited to rustic charm, explain your requirements and see if the company can create this look. If you prefer a homely comfort feel, a company may suggest choosing an oak framed garden room. Regardless of the design you choose, by creating an open plan living space with an adjoining kitchen/dining room, you will immediately enhance the look of your home. It will be a wonderfully inviting space to enjoy.

One of the principal benefits of an orangery is that it becomes the link between the house and garden and can extend your outside views.

At Outside Interests, our expert orangery builders can design an orangery that has these attributes and so much more. We provide quality grade orangery building services at competitive prices. Our orangeries have a long-term guarantee to give you peace of mind whilst enjoying your new extended space.


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